The Weldon Story

Weldon Industries was founded in 1955 by brothers Leon and Dean Settles.   The business started by making adjustable metal skids for the material handling industry; Dean made the skids in a shed on his farm northwest of North Bend; Leon sold them.   In 1958 their business expanded to include wood pallets and grain bin construction.   The expansion required more warehouse space prompting a move into a quonset in North Bend proper.   Metal skid construction involved welding and as word of Dean's welding talent spread, local truckers began coming to Dean for trailer repair.   Trailer repair often required additional parts, so Dean started stocking frequently used parts in their shop.   Before long Weldon not only became known for trailer repair but also as a source for trailer parts.   The business grew and in 1962 Weldon bought Equipment Brake Service Company in Omaha, a business from whom they were buying a lot of the products used in their repair work.   They expanded the quonset in North Bend to include a 6000 sq.ft. concret-block building.   Weldon Industries now included erecting grain bins, pallet construction, heavy duty welding, and heavy duty truck and trailer parts.   Weldon began using small trucks loaded with parts to expand their market to include rural repair shops and small fleets in the surrounding areas.   A major decision was made in 1968 to abandon the pallet business, cease grain bin construction and sell the Brake Service Company in Omaha.   Non-vehicle activities were low profit and the Omaha store was difficult to manage from North Bend.   Weldon would now focus theirs effort on the heavy duty truck part sales and service industry.  

1971 brought another change to Weldon Industries, the company inventory was split and Leon embarked on another expansion in Oklahoma named Weldon Parts.   Weldon Parts started in Moore Oklahoma but after some months moved from Moore to Oklahoma City.   Over the next forty years Weldon Parts continued to expand to other markets in Tulsa, Little Rock, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Woodard, Muskogee, Jacksonville, Clinton, Elk City, Joplin, and McAlester.   In 2012 the original Weldon Industries locations in Nebraska were reunited and merged with Weldon Parts of Oklahoma to form what is today Weldon Parts Inc.   One additional location was added after the Nebraska merger in Perryton TX.